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Benefits of Joining Motorcycle or Biker Clubs

Nov 15, 2017 | Los Angeles Information

There are many benefits of joining motorcycle or biker clubs. If you are wondering if you want to join a motorcyclist or biker club there are a few things you should consider. There are many different types of clubs that motorcyclists/bikers find support in. A motorcycle club environment gives individuals a support group, purpose, and ever lasting friendships. Support can come in many forms such as, having an extended family of support when one of its members suffered personal injury or wrongful death due to motorcycle accident.

When people hear motorcycle/biker clubs, they may have a predisposition assumption about the organization and instantly think “criminal type biker clubs”  or “outlaw motorcycle gangs”. However, not all motorcycle clubs are in it for other illegal purposes. There are many law-abiding biker clubs. Many motorcycle clubs join together to help their community, help common purposes, or cause. There are several motorcycle/bike clubs that host and manager various activities such as fundraising and charity events.

A motorcycle club is no different from any other organized club or group. There are many considerations to take into account before you make a decision to join or be associate with a club. Thus, before making a decision, do your research and educate yourself before jumping the gun.

Motorcycle Clubs in California

There are many different motorcycle clubs in California that motorcyclists/bikers can join. Some of the following motorcycle/biker clubs in California include:

Iron Warriors MC

The Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club, also known as “IWMC” is a non-profit organization and was founded in 1987 near San Jose, California. The motorcycle club was founded by police officers who owned Harley Davidson motorcycles, and who loved to ride with like-minded people. In order to gain membership to the iron warrior motorcycle club, one must be active and retired law enforcement officers and firefighters. Today, the tradition continues.

The IWMC purpose is to provide assistance and support to the community, members, departments, and families. Many of their efforts are aimed to raise money to support the families of fallen police officers and/or firefighters. The motorcycle club additionally supports military veterans.

American Motorcyclist Association

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is an American nonprofit organization, founded in 1924 and has more than 200,000 members. The AMA motorcyclists organizes many motorcycling activities and campaigns for motorcyclists’ legal rights. The AMA mission is “to promote the motorcycling lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.” For instance, American motorcyclist Association has been at the forefront in stopping the deadly threat of distracted drivers.

Benefits of Joining American motorcyclist Association

There are many benefits of joining AMA, membership benefits include:

  • AMA Roadside Assistance at No Charge: Coverage for you and all family members that include motorcycles, cars, RVs and trailers is included with our automatic membership renewal.
  • American Motorcyclist magazine: Dirt or Street edition – Stay informed of the threats to motorcycling and entertained with exciting tours, gear reviews and info, safety tips and more.
  • Legislative Action Program: Fight against anti-motorcycling laws by using our grassroots tool that allows you to email YOUR federal, state and local government representatives easily and quickly.
  • Motorcycle Community: Participate in more than 3,000-plus rides, races, clubs and rallies. With more than 1,200 AMA-chartered clubs, you can easily connect with riders in your area.
  • Discounts and VIP Treatment: Enjoy incredible savings on motorcycle parts, accessories, lodging, bike and car rentals, a special deal at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, plus a whole lot more.

Ruff Ryders

Ruff Ryders, also known as “RR”, is a motorcycle club that has grown through the years and consists of members from all walks of life, such as attorneys, law enforcement, doctors, and military personal. The Ruff Ryders motorcycle club is heavily involved in charity events which support the community such as Cure Violence, Red Cross, Toys For Tots, homeless shelters, and local Boys & Girls Clubs.

Benefits of Joining Ruff Ryders

There are many benefits of joining the Ruff Ryders club, a few benefits include:

  • Be a member of the largest sports bike organization in the world
  • The lifelong friendships and the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Great network opportunities that is on an international scale
  • Opportunity to be part of a bigger cause and give back to your community