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Opinion: Coronavirus COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Methods

Mar 19, 2020 | California

What Are Some CoronaVirus COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Methods?

Here are some CoronaVirus safety and prevention methods that can be used by you and your loved ones.

Now, we do not want to use the term social distancing because, for god’s sake, we need people to be as social as much as possible in this time; however, without the physical association.  In this day in age of social media and all sorts of applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even TikTok there are many opportunities to be social without being physically exposed. At a time of such a pandemic it may be beneficial to search for government services on Formalu, that may be of help as well. Many are using their physical isolation on the stock market rampaging through, with the help of RobinHood, TDAmeritrade, or MarketRebellion.

1. Physical Distancing at Home as Much As Possible

There are various reasons why physical distancing or self isolation can be a highly beneficial safety and prevention method for the CoronaVirus. For layman terms, you cannot catch what you cannot touch, thus distance is by far the best prevention. Think of it as a greater degree of physical abstinence than we have learned. Right now its not AIDS but COVID-19, which is said to be an airborne virus–scary term coupled with the realization that it is what we are currently going through. Yup, just like the movies, although now it’s not the movies, but sure feels like it, until we see the chips falling in cough around us. From the smoke it feels like the health system in the most strained link in this story.  With the Federal Reserve on steroids and the Government following suit will this be enough. Perhaps one for the The World Almanac.

For those who are not infected with the virus, self isolation is beneficial because it will help prevent you from coming in contact with the virus. If you are already infected with the CoronaVirus, self isolation may be even more of beneficial safety and prevention method because it will prevent you from spreading the virus to others.  But of course,  contact your health providers asap if you are feeling any of its known symptoms–ask your doctor about those.  Health care is getting innovative. For example, Harmony Health in Glendale, CA has been providing drive through CoronaVirus tests.  Many specialist are continuing to perform vital non CoronaVirus related medical conditions throughout this Pandemic.

Thus, at this time of high danger of exposure and infection, physical isolation is one of the biggest things we can do as a community to help.

2. Keeping Hands Clean Throughout the Day

Keeping your hands as clean as possible throughout the day can be a major factor of Coronavirus safety and prevention.

There are various ways of keeping your hands clean throughout the day. One great way is to wash your hands with soap and scrub them thoroughly as many times as possible throughout the day. Another great way of keeping your hands clean is by disinfecting them with hand sanitizer as many times as possible throughout the day.

3. Not Shaking Hands During Greetings

One safety measure you should pursue is to not shake hands during greetings.

Instead, you can greet people in ways that do not involve physical touch, such as a wave, nod, or a bow. This will help you from additional potential exposure to the virus and it will also help those around you in case you have already been exposed.

4. Wearing a minimum N95 Approved Respirator Mask When Outside of Your Home or Around Others (Not Surgical Mask)

Wearing a respirator mask with a regulated filtration capability such as “N95” can be a major factor of preventing yourself being infected by the Coronavirus when being outside of your home or around other people.

Medical professionals suggest not to mistake the average surgical mask for an N95 approved respirator because there is definitely a difference. A properly fitting N95 approved respirator can prevent you from breathing in any airborne germs from the breath of those around you, while a surgical mask will not.

Although a surgical mask does not provide the same benefits as an N95 respirator, it can still have its own benefits. A surgical mask can help prevent those who are already infected with the Coronavirus from spreading it. This is due to the fact that surgical masks are actually meant for preventing germs of doctors or medical professionals from going on to patients, not the other way around. Therefore, a surgical mask will not necessarily protect the wearer, but it will protect the people around the wearer from being exposed to the wearers gems. If you have already been infected by the Coronavirus, wearing a surgical mask will still be a great choice for you to wear instead of not wearing a mask at all, because it will help prevent you from spreading the virus to those around you.

If you have not already been infected with the Coronavirus and would like to prevent being infected, medical professionals have highly suggested to make sure to wear an N95 approved respirator that fits air tight on your face and to not a regular surgical mask, in order to prevent being infected through the air by those around you.

5. Wear Disposable Gloves When You’re Shopping or Outside of Your Home

By wearing gloves, you can prevent yourself from coming into direct contact with anything that may have been exposed to the Coronavirus.

Always remember that you may still be able to contaminate yourself even if you are wearing gloves. During this time, it would be wise not to touch your face, hair, skin, eyes, nose, and even clothes, in order to prevent any germs that were potentially exposed to your gloves from spreading.

This step is not meant to be used as a substitute for keeping hands clean by washing and/or using hand santizer. Even if you use gloves, it is suggested by medical professionals to still wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer throughout the day as well.

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