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What are California Laws on Manufactured Housing Warranties?

Jan 26, 2021 | California

The manufactured home once known as a mobile home is a popular dwelling place for many. Modern manufactured homes are built according to strict building standards which have evolved nationally since 1976. Unlike conventional “site-built” houses, fabricated models often come with their own warranty forms. Furthermore, 38 states, including California, have rules and regulations regulating manufactured home-building and guarantee systems. In 1958, California itself led the way in the oversight of manufactured home construction.

The Protection and Assistance of California

California does a remarkable job of ensuring the protection by multiple laws and codes of manufactured homeowners. The existence of the Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Home Communities is one unusual feature of manufactured home ownership in California. This is a standing committee which studies the need for legislation and makes recommendations to the Legislature as necessary.

The Department of Housing and Community Development is in charge of the California Manufactured Housing Protection and Assistance Program. Which is in charge of enforcing rules and regulations in order to put California’s manufactured housing laws and codes into effect. The Department, in particular, had also adopt building standards that are compatible with known and approved standards. As published in the most recent editions of industry codes that are uniform or international.

The Program History of California

The saying “as is the case with California, so is the nation” applies to manufactured homes and to their warranties. Early September 1, 1958, no manufactured home could be marketed or built in California unless it met with state building regulations. In 1976, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development adopted federal regulations for manufactured homes, partly based on the standards of California.

Home Warranties in California

The Golden State has always been regarded as customer friendly and for manufactured home guarantees this is no different. The California Civil Code’s Sections 1797 through 1797.7 regulate manufactured home builders and the warranty coverage they must provide.  For one, homebuilders, contractors and dealers imported by California have to respect warranties they offer on such homes. At a minimum, home warranties made in California cover “substantial material and workmanship defects” in a variety of home systems.

Warranty Coverage in California

The home warranties provided by Golden State include plumbing, electrical, fire safety, ventilation, heating and structural systems. In addition, all appliances built in or produced by a manufactured home builder, or their contractors or suppliers have protection by the California guarantee rules.

Manufactured home warranties in California extend to their customer for one year from the day a home is shipped. You have one year and 10 days from the date of delivery of your manufactured home to inform your manufacturer, in writing, of any defects.

Warranty Complaints in California

If your home made in California has a flaw protected by the State’s warranty provisions, report to your dealer or supplier first. The Golden State needs manufactured home builders and their dealers to take appropriate action to fix any defects associated with the warranties. The Mobile home Ombudsman’s office in California also helps manufactured homeowners cope with warranty and other issues.

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