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Oven Product Liability Lawsuits

Feb 3, 2021 | Product Liability

What Defects are Ovens Prone to That Can Endanger People and Property?

Ovens are among the most common products to contain defects that are significant enough to result in product liability lawsuits. These defects can merely be ones that don’t allow it to properly function, but they can also be dangerous, causing devastating damage to your belongings and even yourself and others. Some of these defects include:

  • Wiring defects, which can result in unintentional ignition
  • Issues with the burner or related parts, which notoriously cause fires
  • Door and glass defect, which can cause the oven to build up too much pressure inside
  • Mechanical issues involving non-working parts of the oven, which can indirectly cause an accident

Under What Basis Can I Sue the Manufacture of an Oven for Defects?

If a defect in an oven led to damage to yourself, your family, or your property, there are several channels you can use to pursue compensation. When you gain legal representation and eventually sue the company based on their liability for the damage caused, your attorney can decide to sue based on several basis of defects, including:

  • Marketing defects, which refer to defects having to do with any instructions of use or safety notices for the oven.
  • Design defects, which are defects that are caused by flaws in the design of the product
  • Manufacturing defects, which arise from issues in the creation of the actual oven

How Can I Be Compensated if My Dysfunctional Oven Caused Damage to my Home and Myself?

If a faulty oven caused damage to your dwelling, your items inside the property, or even yourself and the people you live with, you are entitled to recovery for all of these damages and any pain and suffering that the damages may have caused. The first step to getting compensated is to gain legal representation and open a claim with the company who made the faulty product. You must do so within 2 years of the accident in California in order to be eligible for compensation.

As mentioned before, you are entitled to compensation for damages to physical property and people. There are ways, however, that companies may try to avoid having to pay you. Here are some common defenses to product liability lawsuits:

  • You misused the product in a way that was unsafe or risks causing damages
  • You altered the product or used it when it was built incorrectly
  • The risks were clearly outlined in the instructions, so clearly that a reasonable person should have been able to avoid them

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