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Hydroplaning Auto Accidents in California

Apr 5, 2021 | Accident Claims

While, many people may enjoy rainy weather, rainy weather also becomes a problem for drivers and often times lead to traffic accidents. Particularly, rainy weather is a reason for most hydroplaning accidents.

What is a Hydroplaning Auto Accident?

Hydroplaning is a term describing “sliding and skidding” of a vehicle across a wet surface. It also means the contact of vehicle’s tires with more water, which makes them be displaced and lose their traction. This causes drivers to lose control over the brakes of the vehicle.

Are Hydroplaning Accidents Only Caused by Water or Rainy Weather Conditions?

The main cause of the accidents is bad weather. However, there is also another reason for such accidents. They can be caused also by mechanical reasons. Particularly, poor tire tread or poor tire pressure can lead to failure to keep control over the car. Among such factors, a driver’s negligence can cause car accidents.

Particularly, it is prohibited to exceed the spread of a vehicle in case of bad weather conditions, and failure to slow down can lead to a hydroplane accident. However, others can also be responsible for the accident, which is a ground for the driver to seek compensation for damages.

Other Negligent Parties in Hydroplane Accidents

Other than the negligent party, hydroplane accidents can often times be caused due to the the defects in road conditions. As such, the government may also be an at-fault party in hydroplane accidents if there was a defect in the road. The government is required to design and construct the roads in a way to maintain safety and exclude dangerous road incidents. In the event you believe that a hydroplane accident was caused by defective road conditions, you must file a California government tort claim within 6 months of the accident with the approprate government agency.

Other drivers’ negligence can also lead to the occurrence of hydroplane accidents.

What Should I Do If I was Involved in a Hydroplane Auto Accident?

Cases involving dangerous roads are specific and complex. It can be very challenging to prove that the cause of your accident was the badly constructed road. In other words, it can be difficult, but at the same time essential to prove the direct link between your accident and negligence of, for instance, governmental bodies.

Collecting evidence after an auto accident is important. As such, you should do the following:

  • inspect the road, take photos and videos
  • collect details of witnesses of the accident, if any
  • engage experts and investigators to explore the causes and reasons of the accident and provide a professional overview and conclusion

What Compensation Can be Expected for Injuries Due to a Hydroplane Auto Accident?

The compensation is usually evaluated based on the impact of the accident on your health and financial conditions.

In the event you suffered injuries due to a hydroplane car accident, you can expect to receive compensation for:

  • medical expenses, which you had for recovery from damages caused because of the accident
  • loss of wages because of inability to work for a certain period
  • lifetime medical care in case there has been a catastrophic accident
  • other expenses related to the repair of the car.

Based on the complexity of the case, it is mandatory to have a professional lawyer on your side to assist with the evidence-gathering process and support your claim.

Seek Help from an Auto Accident Attorney If You Were Injured in a Hydroplaning Accident

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