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Safe Parking Program in the City of Los Angeles

Apr 26, 2021 | Los Angeles Information

What is the Safe Parking Program?

This program provides individuals who live in their vehicles with a safe space to park and sleep overnight.

What Areas is Safe Parking Available?

Safe parking is available in the neighborhoods such as Reseda, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Downtown Los Angeles, Melrose Hill, Sawtelle, Westchester, Culver City, and West Los Angeles.

What Does Safe Parking Services Include?

The program provides the following to those who qualify for the program:

  • Access to park their vehicle in a safe parking lot with onsite security and restrooms;
  • Access to have a Coordinated Entry System assessment complete; and
  • Access to case management, financial assistance, and benefit connection

How Does an Individual Sign up for the Safe Parking Program?

To sign up to participate in this program, an individual must fill out a form called the interest form. This form asks general questions such as the applicant’s name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, as well as the location preferred to be in. Once the interest form is complete, the applicant will also need to provide vehicle registration, insurance, and a driver’s license. This can be accomplished by filling out the vehicle form.

What Is the List for Primary Eligibility for Enrollment Purposes?

The primary eligibility for enrollment for Safe Parking are:

  • An individual may not be registered on the National Sex Offender Registry;
  • Vehicle be operational; and
  • Must not have a suspended driver’s license.

As mentioned, an individual interested in the Safe Parking Program also needs to fill out both an interest and vehicle form, which can be found here:

Who is Safe Parking Available for?

Safe Parking may be available to the following individuals:

  • Single adults
  • Families
  • Veterans actively fleeing domestic violence
  • Youth actively fleeing domestic violence
  • Individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Individuals living in their vehicles who have a functioning vehicle