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Pedestrian Accidents And Its Aftermath

Jan 30, 2022 | Accidents

Drivers have a responsibility to share the road, and they must take that responsibility seriously. If you’ve ever been hit by a car, you know what it’s like when they don’t stop.

Accidents involving pedestrians alter people’s way of living life for the rest of their lives. You are a person who has misplaced something valuable and requires assistance in resolving the situation, hence the reason we are here to help with you and your case.

The Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are vulnerable road users not only because they are smaller and make less noise than motor vehicles, but also because they lack the protection of a vehicle’s metal chassis surrounding them. As a result, pedestrians are frequently struck by distracted cars; when a driver is looking at a phone, changing the radio, or simply lost in thought, they may not notice a pedestrian until it is too late.

Because alcohol impairs perception and decreases reaction time, drunk drivers are also extremely dangerous to getting into a collision with pedestrians. Pedestrians are often endangered by automobiles who fail to share the road properly. Pedestrians utilizing designated or unmarked crosswalks are required to yield to drivers.

When turning, pulling over, or passing through an intersection, they must also be proactive in watching for pedestrians. These responsibilities are especially critical in areas where children are likely to be present. These threats are amplified at night or during bad weather when visibility is reduced. The driver’s peripheral vision is the first thing to vanish when visibility is reduced.

Motorists driving at night may see the car in front of them, but not the person crossing the street from the side. Slowing down and staying vigilant is crucial so that motorists can detect vulnerable road users in time to avoid a collision.

Injuries and Compensation After the Accident

Even at modest speeds, when a pedestrian is hit by an automobile, the injuries inflicted are often serious. A pedestrian may be struck many times: the car’s fender strikes the legs or knees, the head or upper torso strikes the windshield, and finally the entire body on the ground. Permanent injuries, such as those to the brain and spinal cord, are prevalent. Lives are altered forever or even lost.

When an automobile collides with an unprotected pedestrian, the injuries are frequently fatal. Your health is a valuable asset, and losing it has ramifications for the rest of your life: family, job, hobbies, and future plans. We understand how to present a compelling case for all of your losses, including:

  • Medical costs incurred in the past and anticipated in the future
  • Wages and prospective earnings are no longer available.
  • Suffering and pain, both physical and emotional
  • Alterations to your home and vehicle
  • Care, companionship, happiness, and life quality have all been taken away.

Get a Favorable Outcome in Your Pedestrian Accident Case

In order to obtain a favorable outcome in a pedestrian accident case, we must show two things: that a motorist’s negligence caused your injuries, and that your injuries have cost you money.

We put forth the effort to get to the bottom of what happened, despite the fact that it is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Expert witnesses are frequently retained to assist us in reconstructing the accident. Our purpose is to bring you closure and hold the at-fault driver accountable.