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How Are Car Crashes Preventable?

Oct 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

When we think of a car accident, we usually imagine it involving two cars, however, this is not always the case. There are many other scenarios that can lead to an accident. One example is when someone backs out of their driveway and hits another vehicle or pedestrian crossing the street. This article will discuss how pedestrians and drivers should interact with each other on the roadways to avoid this type of situation altogether.

Are Car Accidents As Common As We Believe They Are?

Car accidents are a common occurrence on the roads, and they can happen to anyone. It is important for drivers to understand what might cause a car accident. How you should react in an emergency situation, and how it feels when you have been involved in one? This article will give you some insight into all of these topics so that you know what to do if the unthinkable happens.

The notion of a car accident usually conjures up images of two cars colliding with one another. However, it is possible for a single vehicle to be in an accident resulting in bodily injuries and/or property damage. The statistics for these types of accidents are not as well-known as those for multi-vehicle accidents but they happen more often than you may think. But what about when the driver crashes into an innocent bystander? These are often fatal accidents that could have been prevented with better driver training and more careful driving habits.

What we often don’t think about is that it’s not just two cars that are in an accident; there may also be pedestrians or bicyclists nearby who could sustain an injury as well.

What Are The Different Crash Types?

Are there different crash types? Yes, there are a countless number of crash types from a motor vehicle accident. Below are listed the types of crash types in order of how frequently they occur.

  • Other vehicle
  • Other object
  • Pedestrian
  • Non-collision
  • Pedal cycle
  • Animal
  • Railroad train

Starting from the top of the list, collisions with other vehicles happen most frequently as opposed to the list following. Accident involving other vehicles may include speeding, distracted driving, loss of control of a vehicle, inexperienced driving, etc. Object collisions may include things flying out of other vehicles or a weather related accident. Pedestrians and animals may jaywalk or interfere with your right of way. With all of this in mind, we now understand that accidents are prone to occurring with relation to these different crash types.

How Are These Accidents Avoidable?

There are cases where accidents may be preventable, however this does not apply to all collision cases. To those accidents that are preventable, it was the lack of action taken from the driver to be able to avoid the accident. Let’s do a breakdown of some examples of preventing worse case scenarios, or better yet, avoiding them completely.

Getting into a collision due to distracted driving is unfortunate simply due to the fact that every driver knows to not be texting while driving or using their devices while their primary focus should be on the road. As a driver, you are responsible for you, your passengers, other cars, and all people of vehicles nearby you. To jeopardize you and everyone around you is a selfish risk that is absolutely avoidable. All it takes is just one second to look down at your phone and cause a problem. This is an example of preventing an accident.

It is not always possible to avoid an accident. However, there are steps we can take to avoid worse damage in the collision. For example, you are driving behind a truck that writes on the back to keep your distance due to frequent stops it makes. If you are tailing the truck and it stops and you happen to rear end, you were acting in negligence to the sign that is on display in front of you. The accident could have been avoided, however, resulted in a rear end collision with possible damages to your vehicle and bodily injuries.

Emergency Situations and Reactions

In the midst of trying to prevent an accident from occurring, you have to be able to know what is going on around your vehicle at any given time. Using your rear view mirrors and frequently checking your blind spots will benefit you in such a situation. Contact our office at 310-933-5171 if you have been in an accident.