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Premises Liability Injury And What to Avoid

Nov 3, 2022 | Los Angeles Information

Premises liability injury is one of our many practices. Suppose you were injured in a premises liability accident and are thinking of taking legal action. In that case, you should avoid the following common mistakes, which could endanger your ability to recover your damages adequately.

You Failed to Report the Premises Liability Incident

It is crucial to report the accident to the property or business manager as soon as possible. You must also ask to complete an accident report and demand a copy of that report for the records.

This action will help you file a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit if you later decide. Completing an accident report will also get the property owner to preserve evidence, such as saving a video recording of the accident.

You Failed to Gather Enough Evidence For Premises Liability

Collecting enough evidence to build and support a solid personal injury claim. Evidence can take different forms, and the evidence you will need to gather will depend on the facts of your accident. However, here are some common types of evidence in premises liability cases:

  • Photographs

You can take pictures of the hazardous condition that caused your accident, such as:

  • a water stain on a shop floor
  • debris left in an aisle,
  • a pothole or crack on a sidewalk etc…

Additionally, please take pictures of your injuries as soon as possible after your accident when they are most brightly apparent.

  • Property Records

You must produce certain property records to convince the judge that you bring a claim against the appropriate parties. These records are necessary to demonstrate that the defendant was the owner of the area where you were hurt. You can also work with your attorney to compile your case’s lease agreements and property documents.

  • Insurance Policies

Your lawyer will request and examine the negligent party’s insurance coverage. Your lawyer would also want to study the policies if the owner is a different party or if other parties can be responsible for the accident.

  • Witness Statements

It is better to obtain the statements as soon as possible after your accident while the witnesses can be located and their memories are fresh.

As part of his examination of your claim, an experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in identifying the evidence that is required and can gather it for you.

You Delayed to Seek Prompt Medical Attention

One of the biggest mistakes is refusing medical attention after the accident. This will not only protects your health by guaranteeing that you don’t have any severe injuries, such as concussions or internal bleeding but will also document your accident and injuries.

You Accepted a Settlement Offer Before Getting Legal Advice

The only proper way to accept the settlement and determine whether it is fair is by speaking with a qualified personal injury attorney from KAASS LAW. Investigating the case and gathering the evidence you need to obtain for an appropriate settlement t is one of the significant services a premises liability injury attorney on our team offers. When you deal with our premises liability experts, we’ll help you at every step.

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