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Fatal Accidents At Red And Yellow Lights

Jan 23, 2023 | Accidents

Fatal accidents at red and yellow lights are among the worst that may occur. Vehicles attempting to “race the light” or turning left in anticipation of a traffic stop cause the majority of junction accidents.

Most Frequent Moving Infractions that Result in Crashes at Red and Yellow Signals

Red and yellow lights are one of California’s most common types of traffic signals. These lights are purposeful in keeping pedestrians safe by slowing down automobiles when they are crossing a roadway, however, it appears that too many times these regulations are set aside. Fatal accidents at red and yellow lights are responsible for more accidents than any other factor combined. There are a variety of factors that can lead to accidents at red and yellow lights. The most common fatal accident scenarios include:

1. When Facing a Yellow Light, Not Slowing Down or Perhaps Increasing their Speed

Red signifies stop, green means go, and yellow indicates “go very quickly,” according to an old joke. People suffer harm or lose their lives each year because someone else failed to see a yellow or red light. For example, as a “warning” that the green light is ending and the red light is approaching soon. Even though many intersections have a very slight delay between the time the yellow light turns red for one direction of traffic and the time the red light turns green for oncoming traffic, this is rarely enough to allow for any kind of speed or distance calculation error by a driver approaching an illuminated amber traffic signal. Speeding up for a yellow signal results in running a red light, which results in high-speed, high-impact “t-bone” automobile accidents that, more frequently than not, cause major physical harm or fatalities.

2. Not Fully Stopping at a Red Light Before Entering the Intersection

California is one of the states that permits “right on red” driving unless there is a sign prohibiting it. One of the most frequent collision types, apart from just “driving through the red,” is failing to come to a complete stop, looking both ways, and then continuing to turn right. These occurrences frequently include people on foot or bicycles in or close to crosswalks.

3. Rear End Collisions

Drivers frequently approach intersections at excessive speeds or “expect” that the car in front of them will pass a light that is “just turning” red or a stale yellow signal. This results in failing to stop and following too closely, which is a significant factor in rear-end collisions.

4. Left Turn Collisions

Cars must defer to approaching traffic at intersections without left turn arrows until it is safe to proceed as needed. The person taking the left is frequently hit on the passenger side of their vehicle. Usually, it happens when a driver traveling in the other direction ignores a red light and keeps going.

Determining Liability in Fatal Accidents

Under California law, violations of the state’s motor vehicle laws are known as “negligence”. An individual who disobeys a moving law, such as failing to stop entirely at a red light or swerving through a yellow light, maybe “at fault”. That is for violating a statute to prevent others from sustaining injuries at an intersection. If the incident has resulted in a death, a loved one needs to contact an attorney.

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