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Fatal Intersection Accident Types

Jan 31, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Due to the consistently high volume of traffic that passes through intersections, accidents there are frequent. The main cause of this is a lack of understanding of who has the right of way when it comes to going first. Additionally, some vehicles try to cut through the intersection at a high rate of speed without consideration for the other automobiles. These mishaps may lead to numerous crashes and serious injuries. Oftentimes, it may lead to a fatal intersection accident. You may be able to sue the party at fault for your losses if you were in an automobile accident at an intersection and sustained injuries.

Many different types of crossings might cause mishaps. Almost always, one of the drivers’ careless behaviors is to blame for an accident. They could have been distracted or not paying enough attention to the road, driving carelessly or recklessly, driving while intoxicated, texting or talking on the phone at the time of the collision, tailgating, failing to see the signs at the intersection, etc. A crash might happen for any number of reasons, which makes it potentially dangerous.

Fatal Intersection Accident Types

Accidents at intersections can take many various forms, including head-on collisions, sideswipe incidents, T-bone collisions, and many more. The following is a list of some of the numerous kinds of intersections:

Four-way Stops:

The most typical kind of junction is a 4-way intersection, often known as a cross street. A sign or light is often present to regulate traffic as it passes through all four junctions. There might be two stop signs, two sets of alternating traffic lights, four stop signs, two yield signs, or a traffic light that serves as both a stop sign and a yield sign.

The “T” intersection

Frequently, collisions at these junctions result from drivers speeding, failing to stop at a signal or stop sign, or attempting to turn in front of someone who didn’t have the right of way.

The “T” intersection often has just two streets, one of which intersects and runs perpendicular to the other. Both one-way and two-way streets are possible. Drivers must pay attention to the signs because there may not be any stop signs on the long street, which may confuse the motorist on the short street.

Merging Intersections

Some off-ramps from motorways and major streets allow cars to easily continue into the road.

You should get in touch with one of our Los Angeles attorneys if you are involved in an intersection accident so they can assist you to begin your claim.

Intersection Accident Wrongful Death

Depending on the speed of the other motorist and the exact location of the collision, intersection accidents can be very serious. A low-speed rear-end collision can still result in significant damage, though. Also, you may sustain more injuries if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, a truck hit you, your windows were down, or multiple cars hit you. Following are a few examples of injuries you could sustain in such collisions:

Damage from Intersection Accidents

Given typical traffic patterns, head-on or broadside crashes are the predominant kinds of junction accidents. These hits have the potential to cause fatalities or severe injuries. The following list of more frequent wounds sustained in junction collisions:

  • Damage to the spinal cord and brain from trauma.
  • Injuries to the neck can cause tendons, ligaments, and muscles to rupture.
  • Dislocation or herniations of the vertebrae in the neck or lower back.
  • Many fractures
  • Internal organ damage.
  • Scars from lacerations.
  • Unjustified death
  • Sprains, bruises, and scrapes

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