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School Wrongful Death: How Common Are Fatalities in Schools?

Jan 19, 2023 | Los Angeles Information

Every day, we place our kids in the supposedly secure environment of their schools, but school wrongful death is more common than you think. We assume they will receive the proper supervision and gain knowledge throughout the day. Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of accidents that occur in schools. Each year, it is a result of overcrowded classrooms and inexperienced instructors. The sad occurrences or careless acts that result in a student’s death on school grounds or during activities organized by the school have an ever-lasting effect on the school, the pupils, and the student’s family.

The media frequently focuses on the yearly occurrence of gun violence on college campuses. Many student fatalities happen in the world of sports. As parents are more aware of the inherent risks in football, participation rates are gradually declining across the country.

How Common are Injuries/Fatalities in Schools?

There have been fewer football-related injuries and fatalities since the first records were released in the 1960s. New safety precautions took effect. However, fatalities continue to occur on and off the football field on college campuses around the country. No one number identifies the precise number of kids who died each year in tragic accidents.

Student fatalities occurring are warnings for parents who entrust their children to school systems every day. A student’s wrongful death lawsuit may result from a school, the administration, or the district’s carelessness in failing to safeguard pupils from danger.

Aside from fights in the hallways, accidents on campus and even bullying at school can lead to student fatalities. School bullying has gained national attention as more kids are exposed to internet abuse that causes them emotional pain. Teenagers may, unfortunately, turn to suicide as a way out as a result of this. Negligence lawsuits against the school district may arise from a school’s or a staff member’s inability to halt persistent maltreatment.

Negligence by the School District

Los Angeles school districts frequently face wrongful death claims as a result of inadequate teacher/coach supervision or suitable training. Unfortunately, more families are now enduring the heartbreaking loss of a child as a result of the escalating incidence of fatalities across school campuses. In a variety of cases, including situations involving severe bullying, a school district may be held accountable for negligence. Many of these situations relate to the expertise of the coach or instructor in charge of the particular activity that caused the student’s death.

A family merely needs to show that, but for the district’s conduct (or omission), their kid would not have died. Every day, schools have a great duty of care to safeguard their kids. The family of the deceased kid may file a claim for negligence against the school. That is if it fails to spot unsafe conditions and take the required precautions to stop them. A wrongful death lawsuit may include burial costs, sorrow and suffering, and loss of consortium in addition to medical bills and other costs.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Los Angeles

You have the right to file a claim for damages against the accountable district if you lost a child tragically while on a school site or taking part in a school activity. The Los Angeles attorneys at KAASS LAW will work closely with your family during this traumatic time. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit won’t bring your loved one back. However, it may help you hold the school system accountable. We strive to help you get past this terrible situation so you can concentrate on the good memories. To visit our other practices, click this link.