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Assaulted by Security Guard: Patron of a Convenient Store

Mar 10, 2023 | Assault

An unsettling occurrence of being assaulted by a security guard not only violates the patron’s rights but also erodes public confidence in the security sector.

Role of Security Guards in Public Safety

Businesses employ security officers to protect their clients and personnel. They are essential in preserving public safety and deterring crime. They frequently inhibit criminal activities just by being there. However, security personnel has the potential to harm innocent individuals and destroy the reputation of the security sector when they cross the line and use excessive force.

Consequences of  Being Assaulted by Security Guard

In addition to violating the rights of the victim, security guard assaults can have wider ramifications for public safety. These instances may cause the public to lose faith in the security sector, so it may have long-term repercussions. Patrons may stop visiting businesses if they lose faith in security personnel to keep them safe. So it could result in a drop in income for the establishment.

In the event of a security guard assault, there will be legal actions against the company and the security guard. There will be criminal and civil, depending on the seriousness of the assault. The firm and the security guard may face severe financial penalties as well as reputational harm as a result of these legal actions.

Steps Patrons Assaulted by Security Guards Can Take

The victim of an unfair security guard assault at a convenience store has the right to pursue justice. These are some actions patrons can take to file a lawsuit against the establishment and the security guard:

  • Get Medical Help. Getting medical attention is crucial if the victim of the assault suffered injuries. In addition to ensuring that the client obtains the required medical attention, it also offers proof of the harm done.
  • Report to the Police. The patron needs to report the occurrence to the police as soon as feasible. They should give the security guard’s name, the names of any witnesses, and any tangible proof they may have.
  • Collect Evidence. The patron should gather any proof they have. They should include any images or recordings they may have of the incident. This evidence may be important in demonstrating the misconduct of the security guard and the severity of the patron’s injuries.
  • Call a Lawyer. The client should think about speaking with a lawyer to learn more about their legal choices. Also, lawyers will assist them in navigating the court system. An attorney can counsel a client on the best course of action and represent them in court.
  • Contact the Company. The patron should speak with the management of the convenience store to report the issue. They should be as specific as they can while also requesting their assistance in fixing the issue. The company must punish the security guard and stop similar instances from happening in the future.

Convenience Store Patron Assaulted by Security Guard Case

Back in 2020, during the COVID pandemic, a minor entered a small supermarket in one of the cities of California. He went into the shop wearing his headphones not realizing he was not wearing a mask. It was obligatory in public places at that time. So, the security guard tried to ask the patron to put his mask on. Since he was wearing headphones, he could not hear the security guard. The security guard misjudged the situation and thought the patron was ignoring him on purpose. He came up to the victim and hit him in the face with his Taser. After the incident, there was a release of information that the security guard had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and was on parole at the time he assaulted the patron.

Seek Legal Help

In conclusion, assaults by security guards constitute a grave infringement of the rights of patrons and may have wider ramifications for public safety. Security personnel that uses excessive force hurt innocent people as well as the reputation of the security sector. Patrons who encounter such occurrences should follow the instructions above to seek justice. Also, patrons may contribute to ensuring that the public is secure and that security guards follow their obligation to protect and serve by holding them and businesses accountable for their conduct. If you or your loved one were assaulted by a security guard, contact experienced attorneys from KAASS LAW. Give us a call at 310-933-5171 or visit our website for other practices.