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Cosmetic Procedures: Wrongful Death

Mar 23, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Cosmetic procedures may not always come out as expected, and this is not necessarily your fault as the patient. Los Angeles cosmetic personal injury cases are on the rise, and if you believe your injuries were due to the carelessness or failure to warn of the individual who performed them on you, please contact us. For a cosmetic procedure injury, a lawyer can help you reach compensation for your injuries and prevent the long-term effects of the botched operation.

Cosmetic Procedures and Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Sometimes you just don’t like how your botox, microblading, or plastic surgery came out, and that doesn’t mean it was a bad process; it just means you won’t do it again for a while. A big percentage of people who undertake a cosmetic operation are fairly unhappy with the outcomes, which is the risk you accept with an elective procedure. Dissatisfaction without injuries does not warrant a personal injury case. However, it does if the procedure’s effects are so horrible that they give you issues. Both personal injury and wrongful death may arise out of such risky, cosmetic procedures. You take a risk when you choose to get a cosmetic procedure treatment done to your face or body. A significant portion of patients is not satisfied with the results.

Personal Injury

Here are some instances of improper cosmetic operations that might lead to a successful personal injury lawsuit:

  • Inadequately trained personnel who produce unexpected bruising, edema, and scarring
  • Failure of the technician to advise about the hazards of a cosmetic operation
  • Injecting a patient incorrectly (fillers, botox, etc)
  • Products or equipment that is defective

Wrongful Death

As with any surgery, there come risks of wrongful death:

  • Infection
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Nerve damage
  • Hematoma
  • Seratoma

Unlike plastic surgery, cosmetic treatment claims typically rely on demonstrating negligence or carelessness and that your injuries were the result of it. These instances might be challenging due to the elective nature of the operation, as well as the inherent risk and uncertainty in any procedure. Many defendants will often plead the assumption of risk as a defense to their claims, but it is always worth your time and efforts to seek help from KAASS LAW to determine whether you have a case.

Medical Negligence

Plastic surgery in Los Angeles and throughout California is a highly popular elective operation for men and women, but it is not without hazards, and there are numerous circumstances in which the doctor can be held liable for the complications you have following your procedure. Popular Los Angeles plastic surgery operations include reconstructive facial and body alterations. Plastic surgery is far more intrusive than cosmetic procedures and includes anesthesia. When you file a plastic surgery personal injury or wrongful death claim, you are effectively asserting medical negligence on the part of the practitioner who caused your problem.

  • Materials remaining in your body
  • Plastic surgery on the incorrect body component
  • Deformities and consequences necessitating further operations
  • Failure to warn or evaluate the patient’s medical history
  • Failure to meet industry standards

Contact a Los Angeles Attorney for your Case

Medical malpractice claims require extensive medical analysis necessary to evaluate carelessness occurrence. That being said, a personal injury lawsuit can not only provide you with the funds you require to repair the physical and emotional harm you have suffered. But, it can also compensate you for things like pain and suffering, missed work, and much more. As far as a wrongful death claim, if your loved one has died due to a procedure they underwent, compensation is also available. KAASS LAW will assist you with your in Los Angeles. Please contact us at 310-933-5171. We are here to assist you. Take a guide through this link to view our other practices.