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Expert Witnesses: The Role in Wrongful Death Cases

Mar 8, 2023 | Los Angeles Information

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in wrongful death cases. It may be a very trying and stressful moment for family members when a loved one passes away as a result of another person’s carelessness. A legal team can frequently file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the offending party accountable and seek damages recompense. However, the involvement of expert witnesses is a key element of a successful wrongful death lawsuit. These experts are crucial in establishing fault and compensatory damages in wrongful death cases.

What is an Expert Witness?

In a wrongful death case, legal teams may engage an expert witness who is a professional with specialized knowledge or abilities in a certain field to testify in court. Therefore, the expert witness can help establish liability, decipher difficult scientific or medical terms, and express an opinion on the extent of damages.

Expert Witnesses: Types

In a wrongful death proceeding, legal teams may engage a variety of expert witnesses depending on the specifics of the case. Many instances include:

  • Medical experts. In wrongful death cases involving medical negligence or malpractice, legal teams frequently consult with medical experts. These professionals can provide insights into the expected level of care and whether it was insufficiently delivered, which contributed to the patient’s demise.
  • Specialists in accident reconstruction. Legal teams may engage accident reconstruction specialists when a loved one dies in any kind of mishap. These specialists can reconstruct the accident scene and offer insight into what caused the accident. As well as, who was responsible, and whether any rules or laws were broken.
  • Experts in engineering. In situations where a loved one perishes as a result of a faulty item of machinery, legal teams may engage engineering specialists. These specialists can analyze the disputed item or piece of machinery to ascertain whether it was correctly designed.
  • Financial Experts: In situations where damages are sought, financial experts may be engaged to assist in estimating the damages’ value. These professionals can account for things like lost wages, medical bills, funeral fees, and suffering and agony.

How Expert Witnesses Aid in Instances of Wrongful Death?

In a wrongful death lawsuit, expert witnesses can be extremely helpful in establishing responsibility and damages. The following are a few ways expert witnesses can be useful:

  • Offer Technical or Medical Information. In many wrongful death instances, legal teams may present technical or medical information that is complex for the common person to understand. It is easier for a judge or jury to comprehend this information when expert witnesses present it clearly and straightforwardly.
  • Establish Liability. By expressing a judgment on a specific action, expert witnesses can assist in establishing responsibility. In a case of medical malpractice, legal teams may ask a medical expert to comment on whether a doctor provided the proper care.
  • Provide an Opinion on Damages. In a wrongful death case, expert witnesses may also offer an opinion on the number of damages. For instance, it could be necessary to consult a financial professional to estimate the lost income that the deceased would have made had they lived.
  • Enhance the Case. By offering a qualified opinion on a specific issue, expert witnesses can bolster a wrongful death case. Therefore, this may have a substantial impact on the judge or jury’s judgment, favoring the plaintiff.

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