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Truck Wheel Runaway Fatalities

Mar 20, 2023 | Los Angeles Information

Runaway truck wheel fatalities may not occur frequently, but when they do, there is a significant danger of fatalities and severe injuries.

Not just when vehicle wheels are loose, but at any time, someone might sustain injuries by a flying tire. With its size, weight, and motion, the truck itself is readily capable of overturning. An incident involving a truck rollover may result in injuries and/or fatalities.

Runaway tire incidents, according to transportation experts, are uncommon, therefore there isn’t much information about them. Several accident specialists, however, think that these catastrophes go mostly unreported.

Runaway Truck Wheel Fatalities: Who is Liable?

If a “runaway” truck wheel caused your spouse harm or death, you have legal recourse.

The truck owner and the business that maintained the wheel are often responsible when a truck wheel breaks off and injures or kills someone. Any businesses “in blame” for the accident may be sued.

Truck tires that come free and fly into oncoming cars or other vehicles, hurting or killing the driver or passengers, are typically the result of poor maintenance.

One or more of the following may be the subject of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for monetary damages.

  • The proprietor of the trailer or semi-tractor
  • The owner of the cargo being was in transport
  • A service provider
  • The producer of the faulty component (wheel, tire, bolts, etc.)
  • The trailer or truck’s manufacturer

What Factors May Cause Runaway Truck Wheels to Come Loose?

A wheel on a semi-trailer vehicle may runaway and separate for a number of reasons:

  • Loosen or shattered studs and/or bolts
  • Overtightening, insufficient tightening, using the wrong wheel/tire parts, and improper wheel/tire maintenance
  • Components of poor quality
  • Not using certain components that would stop the tire from falling off

Knowing what to do in the case of a truck wheel disaster can be worthwhile. You might file a personal injury claim to get compensation for your medical costs and other costs if you or someone you love has injuries. However, you might be eligible to bring a wrongful death claim if a runaway truck wheel accident claimed a member of your family.

Who Is Liable for Accidents by Runaway Truck Wheels?

The relatives of the victim will understandably seek to determine who was at responsibility for the accident when a flying truck wheel results in a fatality or a serious injury. It is essential to identify the party (or parties) responsible for the accident.

The trucking firm will probably be investigated if a commercial vehicle was involved. The law mandates that these companies utilize licensed drivers, keep their fleets in excellent condition, and ensure that they are secure enough to operate on public highways. Yet, commercial trucking businesses frequently cut corners when it comes to crew and vehicle upkeep, endangering everyone who is close to their trucks. Truck drivers should check that every part of the vehicle is in proper working order before getting on the road. This includes the trailer hitch, lights, brakes, wheels, and engine. In some cases, a third party could also be responsible. For instance, a tire distributor may have supplied faulty wheel components, or a tire repair shop or technician may be held responsible for detaching truck wheels.

Contact a Los Angeles Attorney

Keep in mind that different parties could be at blame for a runaway truck wheel wrongful death accident. Choose an accomplished accident attorney to examine your case thoroughly and assist you in identifying all the responsible parties.

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