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Parasailing Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

May 22, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Many individuals have parasailing on their bucket list because it’s an exhilarating thrill activity that lets riders soar at tremendous heights while taking in breathtaking views. Parasailing, however, has its risks. Parasailing wrongful death accidents can result from poor weather, defective equipment, and other circumstances. Contact California wrongful death attorneys at KAASS LAW immediately if your loved one dies in a parasailing accident.

Common Parasailing Accidents Resulting in a Wrongful Death

Numerous possible parasailing hazards might result in catastrophic harm to passengers.

  • Failure of Equipment

Faulty equipment can put parasailers in grave danger. Riders may be in danger if their harness, towing line, or canopy wing is old, overused, or not up to specification. The towline rope is especially critical, and many accidents result from the line breaking, leading the rider to drift out of control. A parasailing lawsuit could be filed against a negligent operator or manufacturer in the event of an equipment failure accident.

  • Weather Conditions

Bad weather can be quite risky for anyone paragliding. These can range from severe winds to fog and heavy rain. Several situations are not typical when parasailing in California, but riders must still be wary of the weather. Rides should not be run in substandard circumstances by responsible operators.

  • Collisions with Obstacles

Once in the air, a rider has little control and must rely on their operators, who will be aboard the towing vehicle. Errors or negligence may cause parasailers to collide with objects in mid-air, such as buildings or power wires, resulting in significant injuries. If the towline fails, the chances of a collision increase.

  • Deadly Landings

Death can occur if a rider lands too quickly or with too much force, whether on land, on the deck of the towing vehicle, or in the water.

  • Parasailing Operator Negligence

A lack of operator training may cause a parasailing mishap in some situations. Commercial parasailing operators have a responsibility to care for their customers. Major issues can develop if the operators are sloppy or improperly trained. They may fail to secure the harness, extend the line to an unsafe height, or work in hazardous regions.

  • Harness Prevents Escape

A substantial percentage of major parasailing injuries and fatalities occur when a rider is forced to land in the water and cannot release their harness, leaving them stuck while still tied to the canopy. Nearly all paralyzing accidents can be traced back to operator negligence, whether they take riders up in bad weather, have not updated their equipment, or lack the proper training.

A wrongful death lawyer can assist you if your loved one dies due to the negligence of another person or organization. Call KAASS LAW parasailing accident lawyers right now.

Who Can be Responsible for a Parasailing Accident Wrongful Death?

Our wrongful death attorneys can target different parties to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Correspondingly, here are some parties that can be liable:

  • The Parasailing Company

Most of the time, the parasailing company or a specific employee is to blame for accidents. Examples of negligence include sending riders up inclement weather, employing shoddy or outdated equipment, or neglecting to provide operators with adequate training. Riders have entitlement to care from the company, and any negligence could result in legal action.

  • The Manufacturer

The parasailing equipment, including the harness, towline rope, and canopy, can occasionally malfunction. Hence, if this occurs, any injuries sustained may be the responsibility of the equipment’s manufacturer.

  • Other Parties

Other parties may include the management firms that own the parasailing company’s working space and the distributors that sold defective equipment. Get in touch with the parasailing accident lawyers from KAASS LAW right once to find out if you have a case.

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