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Towed Car: What Steps Should You Take?

May 11, 2023 | Towing

Your car might need to be towed away from the scene of an accident. The police will either summon a tow truck for you if your automobile is undriveable or they will do it themselves. If not, you are free to leave the area in your vehicle. There are a few things you should take care of if the police determine it’s risky for you to keep driving your automobile.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Assemble insurance records and statements
  • Take everything of value out of the car
  • Find a body shop that can accept your car if at all possible
  • Call your insurance provider if you can
  • Obtain proof of ownership from the tow truck driver

Where Will the Car Be Towed After the Accident?

The tow truck driver will ask you about where you want them to take your car. If you aren’t sure which mechanic you want your towed car to go to, the tow truck driver can suggest it. The police may tow the vehicle without the owner’s consent to the closest salvage yard following an accident. The reason for that can be if the driver is unconscious when the tow truck arrives. Additional costs, like storage, may result from this.

Learn What Your Insurance Will and Won’t Cover

Find out if you have roadside help if you’ve been in a car accident, and if so, how much insurance covers. Regardless of who was at fault for the collision, collision insurance is frequently also covering towing. If your insurance provider has a preferred towing service, you should hire that tow truck to transport your vehicle.

Contact a Reliable Towing Company

You can summon your tow truck if the police at the accident scene allow it and you can do so. You will have to choose the towing firm yourself if your insurance provider doesn’t have a preferred option. It’s crucial that you only contact reliable towing companies. If you aren’t aware of any, search online for companies with reputable ratings and reviews.

Drivers should exercise caution when selecting a towing service because there are tow truck scams. A warning sign to be on the lookout for is when someone calls and asks for your credit card information. And be extra wary of any tow vehicle that unexpectedly shows up at the scene of the accident without a call. They can be attempting to profit from your predicament by exaggerating the price of towing your car.

Take Into Account Your Current Travel Requirements

You’ll need to arrange another mode of transportation to get from the accident scene or hospital to your house or rental vehicle location after the accident. You can ask the tow truck driver to transport you home if it is not too far for them to travel. However, there is no requirement for them to do so if you are close to your house.

Know Your Rights About Towed Car

You have the same legal rights if your automobile has been towed as you would if it were parked in a garage. Also, you can still drive your automobile, but you must first pay the storage costs. You have the right to enter your automobile and take anything out of it, but you cannot take your car out of storage until you have paid.

Contact an Attorney for Help

Even if you follow all the proper procedures, dealing with insurance and towing firms may be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Feel free to contact our office for a consultation. You can reach us at 310-933-5171.