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Crane Accidents Causing Wrongful Death

Jul 7, 2023 | Wrongful Death

A sizable part of workers s hurt or killed on construction sites each year are victims of crane accidents. Because of the nature of crane-related work, persons hurt in crane accidents usually have severe injuries, and many of these incidents also cause fatalities. Cranes are robust machines, but when mismanaged, they can tip over, collide with other machines, interfere with electrical lines, or cause debris to fall.

Regrettably, many crane-related human injuries and deaths result from negligence, poor management, defective design, and other avoidable issues.  Failure to follow basic procedures can affect construction workers and pedestrians near crane sites.

Our team of wrongful death attorneys at KAASS LAW understands the significance and severity of crane accidents. Therefore, we are ready to commit the resources required to guarantee victims receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Crane Accidents Causing Wrongful Death?

The most frequent reasons for crane fatalities are abrupt drops of loads from great heights, worker strikes from swinging loads, and crane collapse. State statutes allow families to pursue a California construction injury claim against property owners, contractors, and workers’ compensation death benefits when these mishaps happen. In California, if any of the following caused the crane disaster, surviving family members might be eligible to seek compensation also from third parties.

  • Installation Error

Contractors may be responsible for crane movement due to altering ground conditions or placing the crane too close to electrical power lines. Construction of crane foundations must follow manufacturer and safety requirements.

  • Manufacturing Flaws

The crane’s manufacturer may be responsible if the crane had poor design, was poorly tested, or had manufacturing flaws. A product maker may also be liable if one of its crane components malfunctions. The products can include hooks, slings, pulleys, or wire rope.

  • Lack of Supervision or Training

Contractors can be responsible for fatalities caused by inexperienced crane operators, a lack of a signalman, or allowing crane operations to proceed unchecked.

  • Lack of Warning

The risks associated with operating a crane, particularly the perils of exceeding the crane’s load capacity, are muscularly disclosed by crane makers.

  • Improper Inspections or Maintenance

Before utilizing lifting weights, cranes must pass a thorough inspection to find any flaws. Regrettably, a lot of components malfunction as a result of improper maintenance.

Who Can Be Responsible For Crane Accidents that Caused Wrongful Death?

Accidents on a building site caused by crane failure implicate multiple possibly culpable parties. The vast majority of crane-related injuries are the result of operator error. The company that hired the operator and any companies entrusted with training the employee are immediately liable. The individual, lousy superb, vision, and failure to enforce proper safety practices can be responsible for wrongful death. These could also result from improper load fastening, inadequate clearing of the lift site, and failure to account for wind. In addition to these potential operator errors, mechanical difficulties might result in injury. Inadequate maintenance might result in crane collapses and buckling. In situations like this, property safety precautions could have prevented the tragedy.

Additionally, a surviving family member may seek restitution from the following parties:

  • Property owner
  • Property management company
  • Subcontractors to the general contractor
  • Manufacturer

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