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5 Common Hazards Associated With Delivery Trucks

Dec 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Delivery trucks have become an increasingly common sight on roads, especially with the rise of online shopping and on-demand delivery services. While they are crucial in keeping the economy running smoothly, they pose unique hazards to other motorists.

Understanding the risks is essential for those sharing the road with these large vehicles. These five delivery truck hazards highlight why every driver should be extra cautious when navigating around them.

Size and visibility issues

Delivery trucks are typically much larger than standard passenger vehicles. This size difference can create significant blind spots for truck drivers, which makes it difficult to see other vehicles, particularly those driving close to the sides or rear of the truck.

Frequent stops and unpredictable movements

Delivery trucks often make frequent stops to drop off packages, which can be unpredictable for other drivers. A truck may suddenly pull over or re-enter traffic, creating potential hazards. These stop-and-go patterns can surprise other motorists, leading to rear-end collisions or sideswipes if there’s insufficient time to react.

Longer stopping distances

Due to their size and weight, delivery trucks require a longer distance than smaller vehicles to come to a complete stop. If a delivery truck driver needs to brake suddenly, the truck might not stop as quickly as other motorists expect.

Maneuverability and turning radius limitations

Delivery trucks often have a larger turning radius and reduced maneuverability compared to smaller vehicles. This can be especially hazardous at intersections or in areas with tight turns. Drivers may not anticipate the extra space a truck needs to turn and may find themselves in a risky position if they are too close to the truck during these maneuvers.

Driver fatigue and pressure

Delivery drivers often face tight schedules and long hours, leading to fatigue. A fatigued driver is less alert, has slower reaction times and is more likely to make errors.

All of these hazards can lead to crashes, which can injure innocent individuals. Those victims may opt to pursue a compensation claim to help offset the financial damages they’re dealing with. California has strict laws governing these claims, so working with an attorney who regularly represents victims in similar situations is ideal.