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Helping Injured Guests Recover From Harm

When someone is visiting a business, parking lot or personal property, the property owner has a responsibility to maintain and ensure the safety of their guests. When an owner does not meet this obligation, they may be liable for the resulting injuries their actions or inactions have caused. If you were hurt in such a way, you will need skilled legal guidance to seek the compensation you deserve.

At KAASS LAW, we proudly help clients throughout California, as well as Texas, New York and Washington D.C. with their personal injury claims. When you have been hurt in a premises liability accident, our goal as your legal representation is to maximize the compensation you receive in your injury claim, no matter how you were hurt.

Common Premises Liability Injuries

There are many ways that a guest can be hurt while visiting a business or residence. Over the years we have helped clients recover from injuries at places like hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores, private homes or apartment complexes. We have represented clients through injuries caused by:

No matter what may have caused your injuries, you still deserve compensation that accurately reflects the present and future expenses of your injuries and recovery, as well as what you have lost. Common elements of full and fair compensation should include lost income, medical bills, relocation or renovation expenses, property damage, and physical and emotional therapy.

Do Not Leave Money On The Table In Your Claim

If you want to be sure you are getting the outcome you deserve in your personal injury claim, make sure you have an injury lawyer at your side that you can count on. Call us at 310-933-5171 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation today. We speak English, Armenian, Spanish and Russian, and we are eager to help you through your legal needs.