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The Help You Need After A Catastrophic Truck Injury

When a truck driver fails to maintain and operate their vehicle properly, the victims of the driver’s actions will likely suffer injuries far more severe than a few scrapes and bruises. Truck accidents of any kind have significant chances of resulting in permanent and life-changing harm, known as catastrophic injuries, and these injuries call for compensation that can last just as long as the injuries do.

At KAASS LAW, we know what is at stake in these cases. We have experience representing clients all over California, as well as in Washington D.C., New York and Texas. We want to be the legal representation that guides you through your personal injury claim to the swift and just outcome you deserve.

Why You Should Always Have An Attorney At Your Side

Fair compensation for catastrophic injuries should include lost income, loss of earning potential, medical bills, therapy costs and much more. Unfortunately, insurance companies are a business like any other, and one way they keep costs down is by convincing injured people to accept lowball settlement offers.

We can review your unique needs in your claim, determine what a reasonable value for your injuries is, and negotiate for that settlement while rejecting unfair offers. While we are overseeing the details of your claim, you can focus on your health and recovery after your accident.

You Can Leave Your Claim In Good Hands

Whether the truck driver is liable for your injuries by driving recklessly, their employer for forcing the driver to work beyond reasonable hours, or even the parts manufacturer for creating the defective product that caused your accident, we will get to the bottom of things in your case to maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries.

Call us at 310-933-5171 or reach out to us online to schedule your free initial consultation today and take the first step toward gaining the resources you should have after your truck accident.