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What Are The Most Dangerous Roads Near Glendale, California?

Jan 2, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Glendale, California is a popular city in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Glendale boasts a relatively high average household income and low crime rates when compared with other communities in Los Angeles.

However, Glendale also holds a rather nefarious title. It is home to some of the worst drivers in the country. Researchers looking at local crash rates have found that the average Glendale driver goes less than 6 years between motor vehicle collisions. That is a major difference when compared with the safest drivers in the country, who go more than 14 years between crashes on average.

Drivers in Glendale therefore need to be cautious to protect themselves from crashes. Those who understand that local risk is higher overall can make smarter travel choices. Learning about the local areas where crash risk is particularly high could be a smart choice. What roads in Glendale see the most collisions?

Busier Roads are More Dangerous

Some of the most-traveled roads in Glendale are among the most dangerous. They see a high number of collisions, particularly at well-traveled intersections. A high level of traffic combined with aggressive driving can easily lead to preventable collisions.

Brand Boulevard is one of the most dangerous roads in the Glendale area based on crashes reported in recent years. Multiple intersections on Brand Blvd. see an elevated number of crashes, including the intersections at Sanchez Drive, Goode Avenue and Colorado Street.

Glendale Avenue sees quite a few crashes as well, especially where it intersects with Wilson Ave., Chevy Chase Dr. and Broadway. Finally, both Western Avenue and Colorado St. also have elevated crash risk.

Although it would neither be convenient nor efficient to completely avoid driving on Brand Boulevard and other high-risk roads, drivers can minimize when they travel on the most dangerous streets in Glendale. They can also watch more carefully when they approach intersections with a reputation for being more dangerous.

Those who monitor their surroundings carefully, minimize left-hand turns and carefully follow traffic laws can potentially reduce their risk of a collision on busy streets. Learning about local crash trends may help Glendale drivers stay safer when they travel.